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Located in Lebanon, Carthage and Lafayette ,TN 
Lebanon 615-444-3882
Carthage 615-735-6222
Lafayette 615-655-3189

Prompt Bail Bonds

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Bail Bond Services

Closer to the Jail

We are the oldest bail bond company, and we are here to help you get out of jail fast! We offer prompt and courteous service. Rest assured knowing we are a 4th-generation business. For your convenience, we provide FREE parking. Get in touch with us today!
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DUI Alcohol Monitors

We also offer DUI alcohol monitors for those charged with DUI 2nd and above per state law requirements. It makes it easy for the client to make bond and acquire the monitor all in one phone call. We are the lowest price in town on these monitors. Please call us for prices. 
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We Welcome Walk-Ins

We can get your feet back on the street with our professional bail bond services. You can choose to walk-in or call us to schedule an appointment. The team at Tidwell Bail Bonding Co is TAPBA certified. Learn more about our history and business.
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